Drag Race

Golf R Spanks a Camaro V6

A Camaro V6 loses to a VW Golf R all because its driver doesn't know what he's doing.

Today’s base Chevy Camaro comes with a V6 that’s good for 323 horsepower. No doubt that’s impressive for something that carries a base price just north of $24,000. The current VW Golf R costs about $10k more and many may wonder if it’s even worth the price boost. It’s 2.0-liter turbo four pumps out 256 horsepower and when compared directly to the Camaro, you’d think the latter would absolutely destroy it in a ¼ mile drag race.

That didn’t exactly happen here as the Camaro does a 1/8 mile burnout before lifting the throttle, and the Golf R ends up killing it as a result. That’s pretty embarrassing for the Camaro driver, who evidently can’t handle a proper launch.

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