Golf R Vs. Focus RS: This Drag Race Is Way Closer Than You Expect

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There are no real losers here. OK, technically one car loses.

The Ford Focus RS is here to prove that it is the hottest of the hot hatches. The best way to do that is smoke any and all challengers on the drag strip. The Volkswagen Golf R is one such challenger. It shares some similarities with the Focus RS, namely four-wheel drive and four doors. But the two have different engines and power outputs, with the Ford topping the VW by 53 horsepower. As you'd expect the Golf R weighs less, beating the Focus RS by 105 pounds. But will that close the gap on the drag strip?

It turns out the answer is "kind of." This race is a lot closer than you may think, and it's a bit surprising how well the car that comes in second does.

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