Gone In 40 Seconds: Thieves Steal Six Dodge Challenger Hellcats From Dealership

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We pitch a new movie: 'Gone In 40 Seconds.'

Despite a security system, thieves in Somerset, Kentucky, managed to steal six examples of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat in just 40 seconds. The vehicles, each worth around $95,000, were stolen from Don Franklin Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Somerset at about two in the morning.

The thieves broke into the dealership and found keys to two of the cars on the forecourt, while the other four were inside the dealership with the keys left inside, reports WKYT. It's believed seven people took part in the ultra-efficient theft. Video footage shows black-clad thieves sneaking in and maneuvering three of the muscle cars out of the showroom.

Don Franklin Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Five of the vehicles have since been recovered. One was found not far from the dealership and out of gas, two in other counties, including Bowling Green (home of the Corvette), one in Tennessee, and another in Alabama.

"We have an idea of where the last one is," Adam Bryant, the dealership's manager said. "It looks like they damaged the GPS on it, but it's picking up and seems like it's in Alabama. We've been working with law enforcement there and they've been helping us track it. But that's really all you can do. You've just got to go on with business."

Don Franklin Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Bryant has estimated that one of the recovered Hellcats is a total loss, while two others were found with no damage.

While the thieves appear initially to have pulled off a slick crime by clearing the dealership before the 60-second timer on the alarm contacted the police. They arrived in around three minutes, ran out of gas and had no idea how to disable the GPS tracking systems. That all shows that it was just a group of thieves that had an idea of how the security system worked. However, we think it should inspire a follow-up to the Gone In Sixty Seconds remake and with a more high-tech edge to it. Finding keys in cars is just too easy, and should be a warning to other car dealerships.

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