Good Lord, The Ferrari 599-Based Kode57 Is Stunning

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For $2.5 million it ought to be.

Chances are you'd remember a car like the Kode57. It's hard to forget something this stunning. We've shown you the Kode57 before, at the time it was making its official debut at Pebble Beach in 2016. Another reason why it's special? It was designed by former Pininfarina designer Ken Okuyama, whose previous work includes the Ferrari Enzo, among many others. He now has his own design studio, and one day a customer came to him with an idea for a supercar.

At the time, elements of the design only existed in this customer's mind, so Okuyama worked with them to translate that onto paper. A couple of years later, the Ferrari 599-based Kode57 was done. Powered by a V12 with around 600 hp, the custom suspension was tuned by Novitec Rosso.

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Its name came from the year 1957, during the era of the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa and Jaguar XKSS. Both cars inspired the Kode57's styling, such as that uniquely narrow windscreen. And now Okuyama and his stunning creation have stopped by Jay Leno's Garage for the usual chat and test drive. You'll see that Okuyama is a great storyteller and, above all, extremely passionate about cars. That shouldn't come as a surprise given the car you're looking at. Production is supposedly limited to just five examples, at a cost of around $2.5 million each.

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