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Good Lord, We Want This: the Dodge Challenger A/T Untamed

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All-American muscle and off-roading are combined.

What you're looking at is just a series of rendered images. Yeah, we know they look very real, and we're very much hoping for this thing to become a reality. The Dodge Challenger A/T Untamed concept comes from the imagination of Joey Ruiter. He wanted to combine pure American muscle with the spirit of off-roading. The guy is an absolute genius. To make this off-road ready, Ruiter added modifications such as wheel well trimming, inner fender wall construction, a front skid plate, and fender flares.

It's also equipped with body armor with rock sliders, rear trailing arm with links, and front long travel arms. He even had some cool graphic styling applied to the body as well as some off-road tool storage and a spare tire truck mount. The question now is: which engine should be used? Obviously our first inclination is to go with the supercharged 6.2-liter Hellcat V8. But honestly, just about any powerful engine would do. The Challenger A/T Untamed concept is actually a very realistic possibility, though Dodge would never build it. It'll just require someone with time, a bit of cash, and a desire to drive around something as awesome as this.

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