Good News, Tesla Just Lowered The Price Of The Model S

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The base Model S that Tesla replaced is now back.

If you're waiting to buy the Tesla Model 3 because you can't afford the Model S, you may want to hold off on that preorder. The base Model S comes with a 70-kWh battery for a $70,000 price. The 70 replaced the smaller capacity 60 model, but now Tesla has decided to replace the 70 with the 60. Confused yet? Don't worry, it gets worse. Compared to the 70, the 60 will be down on driving range to 210 miles for RWD, and 218 for the AWD D model. Those numbers are 24 and 22 miles less than the equivalent 70 models, but those losses are reflected in the price.


The base price of the 60 will be $67,200 with an extra $5,000 for AWD. This is less than the original 60 model and the 70 which it replaces. However, there is another surprise to factor in. The Model S 70 could be increased to a 75-kWh battery through an over-the-air update for a few thousand dollars. For $8,500, the 60 can be upgraded by 15-kWh. This will up the 60's driving range to 249 miles, or 259 in the D. This upgrade is nearly three times as expensive as the 70's update, but for that buyers get three times as big of an upgrade. Tesla can't seem to make up its mind with how to price its base model cars, and we bet that in another month or so Tesla will go completely crazy again and release a Model S 69.

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