Good News, You Can Finally Take Your McLaren Kayaking

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We didn't think it was possible either.

Who doesn't long for the day when driving a McLaren 570s with a kayak strapped to the roof is a normal part of life? Why not add some flying pigs to accommodate? Rain Prisk Designs have made something possible but not probable, and like the lure of the siren song expectations are born but can never be met. Because taking a kayak on top of a McLaren and driving it into the wilderness is ludicrous. It's still an interesting idea and fun to play with. Plus it just looks awesome, especially with that psychedelic wrap.

The McLaren isn't the only, or the first car, to be subjected to Rain Prisk Design's whimsy. Several GTR designs have been thrown into the mix including one that's been turned into a wagon, as well as other interesting cars, like a Subaru that's been made into a pickup truck. There's an abundance of creativity at Rain Prisk Designs. Now if only carmakers would take the hint.

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