Goodbye, Dave Letterman; You're Awesome And You Love Cars


And he was the greatest Taco Bell drive-thru manager ever.

Last night was David Letterman's final episode of "The Late Show," ending a 33-year run on late night television. And we're really sad to see him retire. It was definitely a bittersweet end for one of the funniest people ever to be on television, but Letterman has without question forever left his mark on pop culture. And like his pal Jerry Seinfeld, Letterman is a car guy. He grew up not far from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and began collecting model cars at a young age. As his TV career took off, he began to accumulate a collection of expensive cars.

He even owns a V8-powered Volvo wagon. More recently, he appeared on an episode of Seinfeld's "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee." But we happen to think one of Letterman's finest moments was back in 1996 when he worked the drive-thru at Taco Bell. So long, Dave. You're awesome and you'll be missed.

Jeffrey R. Staab, CBS

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