Goodbye, Gumpert. We Loved Your Insanity While it Lasted


"Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-... That's All Folks."... - Porky Pig

Judging by the title, we're sure you already know what this bit of news is about. It's just been reported in a German publication that Gumpert, that boutique supercar company that built some of the most insanely awesome cars that pissed off tree huggers everywhere, has filed for bankruptcy. But instead of some buyer coming to the rescue with a check to keep the show running, the company is apparently already being liquidated. In fact, the last employee received their pink slip in July.


The news definitely comes as bit of a shocker. It was only last March that Gumpert announced it was planning new models to the join the Apollo in the near future. Last summer, Gumpert was also in a bit of pickle financially, but it managed to find an investor willing to help. In other words, it looked like the 690 horsepower Tornante was well on its way to production. That's clearly not happening now and it doesn't appear that anyone else is willing to step in with a big fat check to keep the company alive. It's been nice Gumpert, and we're really going to miss you.

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