Goodyear Goes Gymkhana for Demo

Goodyear takes a few unsuspecting customers for the ride of their life... Gymkhana-style.

Gymkhana is all the kids are talking about these days, and Goodyear isn't about to watch from the stands. So the American tire company brought in some top talent and unleashed them on four unsuspecting customers, all in an effort to promote its latest Eagle F1 tires. Stunt driver Danny Downey gave the customers in Camarillo, California, the ride of their lives, showing off the new Eagle F1 Asymmetric All-Season tires on a BMW 3 Series. The "test drive" included facing several natural elements, drifting through them while explaining how the tires work to grip the road in the different conditions.

The spot was directed by Ben Conrado, best-known for his work on Ken Block's most recent Gymkhana videos, including "The Hollywood Megamercial" and the "Ultimate Urban Playground: San Francisco".

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