Google Billionaire Buys 700-HP Ford GT Mk II

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Multimatic tweeted a photo of one of the first 700-HP Ford GT Mk IIs looking oh-so-good.

How do you make the 647-horsepower, limited-run Ford GT more exciting? You craft a special track-only model with 700 horsepower and loads more downforce, and you tell the world that it'll be an even more limited production run, with each example costing north of $1 million USD.

That was the thinking behind the Ford GT Mk II - an ultra-rare, sure-to-be-collectible version of the 2017-present Ford GT supercar that was unveiled at last year's Goodwood Festival of Speed. Now, we've learned that the $1.2-million track-only Mk II has started production, after Multimatic tweeted a few photographs of a completed early example at its Ontario factory.

The car in question was built for Google VP Benjamin Sloss Treynor - an avid supercar collector. His is one of just 45 examples that will be built, and he appears to have spec'd a Gulf-inspired powder-blue-and-orange paint scheme with splashes of black. The doors wear the number 15, enclosed within race car-style circular graphics.

The Gulf racing livery was by no means unique to the Le Mans-winning Ford GT40, but the look is an iconic one, largely thanks to John Wyer Automotive Engineering's GT40 chassis No. P/1075, which won back-to-back Le Mans races in 1968 and 1969. That car was a GT40 Mk I, not a Mk II, but we doubt anyone will mind its use here.

Multimatic Motorsports
Multimatic Motorsports
Multimatic Motorsports

Ungoverned by emissions regulations or race sanctioning body limitations, the Ford GT Mk II enjoys an astonishing performance envelope, thanks to a peak engine output of 700 horsepower, a 300-pound weight reduction, and 400 percent more downforce than the road-going Ford GT. Think of it almost as Ford's answer to the record-smashing Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo, only one that regular members of the public can actually buy.

But beyond that, it's a piece of rolling artwork, and each and every example will look completely unique as Ford is selling the cars without factory paint options, allowing buyers the freedom to design their own custom paint schemes.

Does anyone have $1.2 million we could borrow?


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