Google Gets Autonomous Car Bill Approved


The state of Nevada has now approved the use of autonomous car technology. Search engine giant Google has invested a lot of time and money into this technology and now their efforts could soon be seen on roads throughout the US.

Nevada has officially passed a bill that will allow drivers to Google behind the wheel. The search engine giant had been lobbying hard for Nevada to approve its autonomous car technology. A little background info: last year Google began testing their technology on the Toyota Prius and Audi TT in California using radar sensors, video cameras and specifically detailed Google maps that further benefit the autonomous car and give drivers a more secure journey.

Sebastian Thrun, Google's lead software engineer behind the project blogged that "the technology has the potential to cut the number of road fatalities in half and reduce oil consumption". Autonomous cars first began testing as far back as 1977 but have since failed to go through. With the new bill finally passing the state legislature, the search engine and technology giant plans to conduct a few final test drives at its Googleplex headquarters in Palo Alto, California before the autonomous cars will be available in neighboring Nevada.

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Some of the supposed advantages of the autonomous car include transporting loads in dangerous zones, managing traffic flow to increase road capacity and allowing drivers to multi-task or rest during long and tiring road trips. Yes, Skynet has officially arrived and even has state backing.