Google Lines-Up Big Partners in Race For Android Car Dominance

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Automotive news usually has little to do with mobile computer tech stories, but that may have just changed. Google has recently announced a partnership with GM, Honda, Audi and Hyundai to bring the Android mobile computer operating system to their vehicles. Named the Open Auto Alliance, the software aims to do the same thing the Open Handset Alliance did for phones, namely to create a unified experience with Google Play appstore support while allowing automakers to customize the software.


Apple's Siri voice command software is also being integrated with GM, Audi, Honda as well as other mainstream and luxury car manufacturers. Android in cars could lead to vehicles communicating with each other on the road and also clear the pathway for Google's autonomous driving program. El Goog controls 90% of the online advertising market so it would also be in its interest to have users playing games and surfing the net in their cars. The operating system in a car being could also be a major purchasing factor for non-enthusiast car buyers one day, similarly to how consumers choose phones, tablets and computers. A target both tech giants might be trying to aim for.

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