A Smartphone Could Save Your Life In The Event Of A Crash

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Now that's a truly smart phone.

Do you care about the fact that the Ford F-150 is officially one of the safest vehicles in the country? If safety is a major concern, read on to see how something other than airbags and anti-lock brakes could save your life in a car crash.

There's long been a debate between iOS and Android users over which is better, the iPhone or, well, anything else. Google has tried to persuade consumers to eschew the Apple product just as much as Samsung and others have, releasing its own brand of smartphone called the Google Pixel. It's a remarkable piece of technology that is arguably underappreciated by the tech community at large, many of whom are unaware of some of its features. One Missouri resident who was unaware of all of the Pixel's abilities recently learned about one of them the hard way, but it turned out to be a good thing.


Chuck Walker has recounted how his phone saved his life by calling emergency vehicles while he lay unconscious in the aftermath of a car crash. He was the wrong way up after the crash and lost consciousness. It's unclear exactly how he became involved as he himself doesn't remember, but he says that when he came to, he was "in horrible pain, struggling to breathe." Worst of all, he was in a bobcat on his farm that had rolled into a ravine, so there wasn't any passing traffic to call emergency services for him. Furthermore, nobody was expecting him to return for a few hours, and his phone was thrown out of sight "somewhere in the cab." To top that all off, he didn't have "Hey Google" voice activation enabled.

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Fortunately, he was relieved not long after as one of his earbuds had remained in place and he heard the voice of an emergency dispatcher informing him that help was on the way and his wife had been contacted. "Within a few minutes, I heard the welcome wailing of a parade of rescue equipment," recounts Walker. So how did Google Pixel save his life?

A little-known feature called Car Crash Detection is part of the Personal Safety app that launched here two years ago. Available on Google Pixel products, the app "helps you prepare and react in an emergency by quickly connecting you with the help and information that you need."

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The Car Crash Detection feature uses your phone's motion sensors and microphone to detect a crash, after which it will ask if you're okay. If there's no response, the phone automatically calls emergency services and provides your approximate location along with any data relevant to the crash - speed, trajectory and orientation changes, and more. Naturally, the system doesn't work perfectly every time, but it's certainly worth considering a change of scenery if you're looking for a new phone. For Chuck, the app may well have saved his life or reduced the impact of his injuries, which ended up being limited to seven broken ribs and four cracked thoracic vertebrae.

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