Google's Self-Driving Car Got Pulled Over For Going Too Damn Slow


The future of driving looks not very fun and painfully slow.

Autonomous cars may be the future but they're still cars which means they're subject to the rules of the road. We recently saw a driver almost get ticketed because his Tesla Model S was speeding in autopilot mode. This story involving a self-driving Google car is predictably different. Google is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and as such its pint-sized autonomous car sometimes ventures out onto the city's roads. The police in Mountain View recently pulled the self-driving car over because, get this, it was going too slow!

Yes, the Model S gets pulled over for speeding and the dinky Google car gets pulled over for doing 24 mph in a 35 mph zone. The scene, captured by David E. Weekly on Twitter (@dweekly), was pretty damn funny. The officer walked up to the car only to find it had no driver he could yell at. Instead, he talked to its operator (riding shotgun) and asked about how the car chose its speeds. After telling the operator that holding up traffic was bad the car was sent on its way. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the future of cars.

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