Google's Self-Driving Car Is Planning On Changing Everything


Even the way you get a taxi.

Google has put a lot of work into its self-driving cars. The company has been quiet about what it plans to do with the autonomous vehicle, but according to a report from Bloomberg, Google has just announced plans to make the self-driving vehicle offer hire rides and will become a standalone business under the Alphabet Inc. corporate umbrella. Google plans to launch a driverless car service next year, which will probably be launched in one of the few cities where the autonomous vehicle has completed extensive testing-Austin, TX or San Francisco, CA.

Google's self-driving car company will challenge ride-sharing startups like Lyft and Uber and will initially be offered in confined areas like military bases and college campuses. According to vice president and automotive practice leader Thilo Koslowski at Gartner Inc., an autonomous taxi will give consumers a hands-on experience with the technology. "These potential ride-for-hire services could allow consumers to experience the technology and embrace it in a bigger way," Gartner stated. "That would help not just Google but the entire industry." With its plans to challenge ride-sharing companies and traditional taxis, Google has finally revealed how it plans to make money with autonomous technology.

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