Google Unveils Working Autonomous Car Prototype, And It's Hideously But Hilariously Ugly

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Yeah, yeah, technology blah, blah, blah. Still ugly.

Google's self-driving car project is amoung the least guarded tech projects of all time, with Google now making the move from designing systems retrofitted to existing cars into making an enitre purpose-built autonomous car. A sort of mock-up of the car debuted back in May, and while the actual car is different in some important ways, like the fact that it has headlights, it is mostly quite similar.

The sensor array on the top is now enclosed, which we're fairly sure is a good thing, along with the headlights. But it is impossible not to notice that the thing really is quite ugly. It's like a Tata Nano that you're not going to take quite as seriously. We understand that this is maybe a bit of a cheap shot, but the fact is Google didn't release any sort of technical details about the car, just this shot and assurances that Google engineers were continuing to work on it. So hopefully you hadn't gotten too excited about this thing.

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