Gordon Calls on NASCAR to maintain its Low-Tech Tradition


The former champion says that NASCAR shouldn't follow F1's technological implementation.

If you have the opinion that technology in motorsport improves the competition then Jeff Gordon, the four-time NASCAR champion, thinks you are wrong. Last week at an event in Charlotte, North Carolina, Gordon said that NASCAR should not follow F1's lead into advanced technology since it 'kills' the race and makes it more boring. "If you look at other forms of motorsports and the evolution of technology -- and I mention Formula One -- yes, we're behind them in technology and cost and all these things, and I think it's a good thing."

Gordon continued: "We're heading in that direction, because that's just evolution. It's going to happen. Once you learn, and you create knowledge, you can't take it away. In Formula One, what's important? Qualifying. Qualifying becomes extremely important, because it's almost impossible to pass. Strategy and how you strategize your pit stops. Speed of pit stops. And I'm saying that's the extreme. That's where we're headed." Lately, Gordon conducted a test for a new configuration of a NASCAR car and he thinks that he found the way to go forward by reducing down force and encouraging drivers to overtake.

"I'm so encouraged right now after that Daytona test with little tiny spoiler and seeing the speeds that we're running and the shark fin and the restrictor-plate that I'd like to see us get downforce off the cars in general," Gordon said. "If we don't start to do some of that, then we are continuing to head towards that direction of high-tech downforce cars that you don't see any passing." Just like in Formula 1.

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