Gordon Murray Automotive's New Mega Campus Will Be A State-Of-The-Art Supercar Paradise

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Forget about McLaren's Technology Centre, Gordon Murray's new HQ will be the bomb.

Gordon Murray has been on a roll recently as more information comes out regarding his car company, Gordon Murray Automotive. Just a few years ago, we were introduced to the mind-boggling T.50, a featherweight missile with a 3.9 liter V12 that revs to 12,100 rpm and won't be US road legal. Then even before that car hits the (foreign) streets, he unveils another showstopper, the super-GT called the T.33, which is going to use the same V12 but is, unfortunately, sold out. At least we'll see that on American streets. A pretty great start to his fledgling brand, and on top of all of this, the headquarters where these cars will be handbuilt is coming together right on schedule.

The Gordon Murray Group, GMG for short, announced yesterday that it has completed the steel framework for the three buildings that will house the "Global HQ and Technology Campus." It's the completion of the first phase of the three-year, £50M ($57M) campus development project that will see the company move into an all-new manufacturing facility, R&D facility, customer sales suite, and vehicle development/test road.

Gordon Murray Automotive Gordon Murray Automotive

Named Highams Park, the factory will be located in Windlesham, Surrey, UK, and will bring "100 highly skilled jobs" to the 17,000-strong community. In Professor Murray's own words," We are now celebrating the first chapter in completing this state-of-the-art facility, which will attract world-class talent and demonstrates the strength of the Gordon Murray Group as we prepare for even greater success."

Interestingly, this factory will be located just 15 minutes from the factory of another car company that Murray knows intimately, the McLaren Technology Center in Woking. We visited the McLaren facility a few years ago and to say it's impressive is an understatement. Now he may not have worked at the facility per se, but his imprint upon the McLaren Racing and road car companies is without question, and if you can't get your hands on a sold-out GMA car, a McLaren GT or 765LT are half-decent alternatives too.

Gordon Murray Automotive Gordon Murray Automotive Gordon Murray Automotive

No doubt building his own factory right down the road must be something of a shock to him, but we imagine the man behind some of the greatest car designs of all time is able to take it in stride. The facility is set to be finished in 2024, and from then, GMA's plans will really start unfolding. The company has already tripled in size since 2020 and is expecting similar growth in the near future.

On top of that, A few months ago when GMG announced the creation of the new Gordon Murray Technology wing, it also announced the fact that the group has plans for an electric SUV and delivery van too. This won't be some sort of mass-market Tesla rival, though; the goal with this will be to cater to companies that want to build small fleets or quickly set up an EV business. This, along with the fact the company signaled that there are plans in the works for a potential US facility, is getting us excited to see what else the company has in store.

Gordon Murray Automotive Gordon Murray Automotive Gordon Murray Automotive

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