Gordon Murray's 1,873lbs EV Sports Car Concept


GMD and Tory Industries have combined forces to produce an ultra-light sports car concept featuring the latest in EV tech.

Gordon Murray Design has just released their ultra-light EV sports car concept. Dubbed the Teewave AR.1 (codename: T.32), the two-seater was commissioned by Toray Industries Inc. The sports car claims a curb weight of a slim 1,873lbs, impressive for a battery-powered electric car. The battery alone weighs in at 551lbs. An electric motor (from the Mitsubishi iMiEV) is equipped on the Teewave, putting out a paltry 63hp and 133lb-ft of torque.

The vehicle rides a rear-wheel-drive configuration underneath its Tory carbon fiber monocoque chassis. Performance for the sports car is relative to its power and light weight. The car runs from 0-31mph in 4.4 seconds and takes 11.4 seconds to reach 62mph. The 16kWh lithium-ion battery pack needs to be recharged for 6 hours after the car runs its range of 116mph. Gordon Murray Design is headed by Gordon Murray, of McLaren F1 fame. The Teewave AR.1 concept is a one-off built to showcase both GMD and Tory Industries' new technology.

Gordon Murray

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