Gordon Murray T.50's V12 Sounds Better Than A Squad Of V10 F1 Cars

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It sounds so good, it was tasked with leading a parade of them at Goodwood.

Ever since the Gordon Murray T.50 was revealed back in 2020, the automotive world, and especially the supercar fraternity, has been head-over-heels in love with this naturally-aspirated piece of art. Gordon Murray, the man responsible for legendary machines like the McLaren F1 has poured his heart and soul into the T.50 - which is a better spiritual successor to the F1 than McLaren's own Speedtail - and the results speak for themselves: this is possibly the best sounding supercar of all time. We've seen several videos of the T.50 in action through the various phases of its development, but the latest one is possibly the best. In this one, we get to see and hear this magnificent beast blast around the Goodwood track for the 79th Members' Meeting. More importantly, we get to hear the V12 sing. And what a song it is.

Gordon Murray Automotive/YouTube Gordon Murray Automotive/YouTube Gordon Murray Automotive/YouTube Gordon Murray Automotive/YouTube

Goodwood's 79th Members' Meeting was jam-packed with noteworthy events, including the debut of the Gordon Murray T.33 supercar, but all eyes were on this red T.50 as it led the classic F1 V10 demonstration. The demonstration featured F1 classics such as the McLaren MP4/5, and the video shows a number of V10-era F1 cars trailing behind the modern supercar. The T.50 features a 3.9-liter naturally-aspirated V12 developed by Cosworth producing more than 650 horsepower as it revs out to beyond 12,000 rpm. The sound that emanates from this car's tailpipes, and the resonance of the intake over the cabin, has been compared to that of a 1990's F1 car, and we fully agree.

Gordon Murray Automotive Gordon Murray Automotive Gordon Murray Automotive

The nearly six-minute-long video showcases the 654-hp V12 in various states, under heavy throttle load, holding steady, and at various points in the rev range. It's an amazing soundtrack with a ton of musicality and a high-pitch scream that is utterly remarkable. At the end, we even get to hear a flyby at full-tilt from trackside, which sounds even better than the onboard footage.

The T.50 isn't the most powerful modern supercar, but it combines its outputs with a low curb weight and a masterfully tuned chassis to deliver exhilarating performance. Power is sent to the rear wheels via an Xtrac six-speed manual transmission which makes this one of the most engaging cars around. As the T.50 laps the Goodwood circuit, one can almost feel the 5.7-inch rear-mounted ground-effect fan and active underbody aerodynamics working, while the old-school F1 cars struggle for grip in the back. The T.50 is possibly the ultimate ICE vehicle, and we're massive fans.

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