Gordon Murray's Electric SUV Will Be Lighter Than His McLaren F1

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We expect big things from the father of the McLaren F1.

  • The Gordon Murray Automotive SUV will weigh around 2,400-2,600 lbs.
  • Murray's company is building it on two of the group's three lightweight vehicle platforms
  • Some of GMA's supercars will be built here in America

We've made mention of Gordon Murray, designer of the legendary McLaren F1, and his SUV project before here on CarBuzz. Murray first hinted at the idea last year, and massive strides have since been made. Now, new details have emerged about the company's EV SUV progress.

Murray recently stepped down from his role as CEO of the brand to focus on engineering the two new SUVs, one of which will be a larger Lotus Eletre-style 5-seater SUV. The brand will also split in two, branching into Gordon Murray Automotive and Gordon Murray Technology (GMT). We now know that GMT's smaller SUV will be as light as the legendary McLaren F1 itself, which came in at a feathery 2,509 lbs.

Gordon Murray Automotive

Speaking with Autocar, Murray's new CEO and helmsman Phillip Lee confirmed that the smaller 4-seater SUV will weigh between 2,400 and 2,600 lbs. The SUV will be around two feet shorter than a Toyota RAV4. Lee said that both SUVs will sit under the Gordon Murray Technology umbrella.

They will ride on two of the brand's new Superlight platforms, which number three in total- Sports Car, Mid-Range, and Large. Each of the platforms will benefit from Murray's new iStream manufacturing process, which among other things, seeks to mitigate the use of stamped steel for more ecologically sound, affordable, lighter, and efficient production means.

However, this smaller 4-seat SUV will not be a mass-market vehicle, as we understand it. The car will instead be a showcase of GMT's newfound technological chops. Reportedly, the company itself will be footing the bill, likely with very little profit baked in.

Autocar reports that one key to the shockingly low weight of this SUV will be the battery's placement in a new "iCase" structure, which will use fluid cooling techniques for the batteries. It will also form a part of the car's structure, yet still be serviceable. It is that kind of advanced tech Gordon can now focus full-time on.

"Working with {Gordon] is a dream job," Lee stated. "I'm no engineer and, in any case, you'd never better him on technical subjects. That just can't be done. My job is to give the group the strongest possible foundation - from which it can focus completely on product, which is what Gordon wants."

Lee also revealed that the US-based locations the brand is looking into will be used in the manufacturing of Gordon Murray Automotive's supercars.

Source Credits: Autocar

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