Gordon Ramsay Approves Of The New Ferrari 488 GTB And California T

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Which means they must be really good.

If celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay approves of something, you know it must be really good. The man is an absolute perfectionist. Moreover, not only does the Chef have a solid reputation for impeccable taste in food, he also happens to have excellent taste in high-end vehicles. Ramsay has a particular penchant for Italian supercars, of which Ferrari is clearly his favorite brand. Attesting to Ramsay's good taste in vehicles, he was very recently spotted cruising around London in a gorgeous Grigio Medio Ferrari LaFerrari.

The celebrity chef also recently embarked on another visit to Ferrari's headquarters in Maranello for a couple of test drives. The chef flew around the Fiorano test track in the newest 661-HP V8-powered 488 GTB and the 552-hp 3.9-liter V8 powered California T. Here's how it went.

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