Gordon Ramsay Just Took Delivery Of One Of The First LaFerrari Apertas

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Wait, did he get his before Chris Harris?

Earlier in the year Gordon Ramsay "revealed" that the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta was on the way during an appearance on "Top Gear." This not-so-shocking news confirmed two things everyone in the automotive world already knew. The first was that a drop-top version of the LaFerrari was being made. The second was that celebrity chef Ramsay would be getting his hands on one. To paraphrase rapper The Game, it took a few months but Ferrari got it done. Ramsay has just been caught out in London driving his white LaFerrari Aperta.

If you're a stickler for detail then yes, the technical term for this paint job is Bianco Italia.

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Deliveries of the LaFerrari Aperta just started, and it's no great surprise that Gordon Ramsay was one of the first to get his. He's a noted Prancing Horse fanatic and one of the world's top earning celebrities. Since Ramsay took delivery of his LaFerrari Aperta in London most of the driving was done on city streets and highways, which means we don't get to see him open it up. The day also appears to be a bit dreary, so there's no top-down action either.

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