Gorgeous BMW 507 Is A Multi-Million-Dollar Barn Find

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Of the 254 examples built, just 15 left the factory wearing black paintwork.

BMW's history as a maker of sporting cars is nearly unmatched, with vehicles such as the M8 grand tourer enjoying great popularity amongst gearheads. But throughout the years, the brand has also graced us with several dedicated sports cars, including the very rare Z8 which first saw the light of day in the late '90s. With just 5,703 examples produced, this achingly gorgeous retro roadster attracted the attention of numerous connoisseurs, including the late Steve Jobs.

But the car from which it drew its inspiration is arguably prettier - and rarer, too. First seen in 1956, BMW produced just 254 examples of the beautiful 507, making it a highly collectible car today. In fact, a pristine model was recently on the market for $2,450,000. One of 15 painted black, this particular 507 is shabbier than the aforementioned example but has a very unique history. Kept in a garage for many years, this "barn find" has never been restored and wears an age-appropriate patina, adding charm to this very special motorcar.

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Manufactured in 1959, this Series II model boasts beautiful red leather upholstery and ivory-colored controls. This 507 also comes with the factory-equipped hardtop, which was an option at the time. Apart from a previous respray, the elegant BMW is in "largely original order", wearing its age with pride. Remarkably, it has spent the last six decades under the care of its original owner.

Powered by a 150-horsepower 3.2-liter V8, the 507 was a brisk performer in its day. Price-wise, the BMW was positioned beneath the glamorous W198 300SL but was still costly at around $10,000 - a hefty sum in the 1950s. The sleek styling and rarity drew several celebrity owners to sign on the dotted line, including Elvis Presley.

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Inside, the crimson upholstery has notable signs of wear with the door cards and matching carpets presenting in rather good shape. The folding soft-top will likely need some rehabilitation, along with some of the exterior and interior trimmings which, understandably, look tired after so many years of hibernating in a garage.

Despite the less-than-perfect condition, this very special BMW 507 will join the first-ever Toyota 2000GT at Gooding & Company's Amelia Island auction, on March 4, 2022, and is estimated to sell for between $2-2.4 million. While the new owner will most likely restore this piece of automotive history to factory condition, we must admit we're somewhat enamored by the honesty and charm of this original example, imperfections and all.

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