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Gorgeous Lexus LC Convertible Prototype Debuts At Goodwood


Lexus has finally answered our prayers.

Last summer, rumors emerged that Lexus is planning to build an open-top version of the fetching flagship LC sports car three years after the coupe first went on sale. After revealing the LC Convertible Concept earlier this year at Detroit, Lexus has finally confirmed the news we’ve been wanting to hear: it’s entering production.

Sadly, we don’t have a specific timeframe yet, as Lexus says the LC Convertible will go into production "in the near future.” Lexus confirmed the news at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed, where an LC Convertible prototype made its world debut and tackled the famous hillclimb course.

The prototype was camouflaged, but it’s clear that the design doesn’t deviate much from the striking concept – and that’s a very good thing. Long low and lean, the LC convertible shares the coupe’s athletic proportions, but looks even more striking without a roof. Its large wheels and short overhangs "signal its performance pedigree and rewarding driving experience.”

The LC convertible prototype will be driven up the Goodwood Hillclimb by Professional race driver Nick Cassidy, who currently competes in the Super GT series’s GT500 class in Japan. After its debut at Goodwood, the LC Convertible prototype will be shown at other venues to help its engineering team gather feedback.

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"The Goodwood Festival of Speed celebrates the history and culture of the automobile and serves as a gathering place for some of history’s most notable cars and drivers,” said Koji Sato, Lexus International Executive Vice President. "Lexus is honored to join this festival, and I could not be happier to unveil this prototype model of the LC convertible at the same venue where the LC coupe made its debut in 2016.”

No technical details have been announced, but the LC Convertible will likely be powered by its LC 500 Coupe sibling’s naturally aspirated V8. Full specifications and availability for the LC convertible will be announced at a later date.

Additional pictures by Brian Smith (www.bms-photo.com; Instagram @bms_photo)