Gorgeous Sounds of the Ferrari 250 GT

Listen to the infectious engine notes of Ferrari 250 GTs as they race around the track.

Ferrari’s 250 series is arguably the most important of the carmaker’s classics, spawning the Europa, Boano, California Spyder, Berlinetta, GTO, Lusso, Testa Rossa and America. When any of these classic Prancing Horses come to auction, millions of dollars trades hands. And if you’re wondering why that is, take a look at this video by Superlennyo, who brought us a clip of classic Ferrari 275 GTBs earlier this month. The 250 GT's beautiful lines are matched by their equally enchanting engine notes.

Shot at the Spa Classic round of the Trofeo Natro Rosso – a classic car race for pre-1966 Italian sports cars – the cars in action include a 1954 250 GT Europa, a 1956 GT Boano, and a 1962 GT Berlinetta.

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