Gorgeous "The Price is Right" Model Accidentally Gives Away Car

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This is straight out of the George Costanza book of how to get fired.

Manuela Arbelaez etched her name into "The Price is Right" history with a huge fail. The gorgeous show model accidentally gave away a Hyundai Sonata, valued at $21,960. Said contestant had guessed the wrong price, and after removing the incorrect tag Arbelaez continued to remove the correct price tag. Drew Carey was shocked, and after the contestant realized what had happened she immediately started jumping for joy. The model was not as stoked.

According to TMZ the producers of the show didn't can Arbelaez; they actually thought the mistake was hilarious and valued the attention it would bring to the program. If only "The Price is Right" gave away R8s that easily.

Source Credits: www.tmz.com

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