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Gorgeous Volvo Concept Coupe "On Hold" Not Quite Dead Yet


The time and money just isn't there right now.

Ever since we first laid eyes on Volvo’s drop-dead gorgeous Concept Coupe, we just knew the automaker had to build it. The overall positive reception it received from both the media and public also made Volvo take notice. And despite a rumor here and there about a hopeful production version, we’ve just learned that Volvo has put the project on hold for now. Speaking to Auto Express, Volvo’s exterior design manager, Anders Gunnarson, said that the "Concept Coupe is on hold."

“The coupe style of the car is something that the British and Americans have always done very well – a coupe is the car a car manufacturer wants. We very much want to build the Concept Coupe." So why the delay? Because of the all-new XC90 SUV. Yes, it’s already been unveiled but Volvo needs to focus all of its resources (i.e. money) on the upcoming marketing campaign. The way Volvo sees things, "the XC90 represents what Volvo is exact about – simplicity, trustworthiness, solidity, and functionality. It is the absolute Volvo.” Once Volvo gets the XC90 up and running with buyers in the showroom, it’ll be free to move on to other projects. We really hope a production Concept Coupe will be one of them.

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