Gormless Groom Crashes Lamborghini Gallardo En Route to Wedding


If there was ever a bad time to wreck a supercar rental, this would be it.

Speeding in the wet when running late for one's wedding is a recipe for disaster, especially when the car you're in is a hired Lamborghini Gallardo. This is exactly what happened to a groom in Sydney, Australia, who driving with his best man by his side, lost control of the supercar on a wet road and careered into a wire fence. Ordinarily one would be obliged to stay with the damaged car and wait for the hire company and police to show up.

This was no time for doing things by the book however, and having courteously informed the luxury car hire company of the mishap, the romantic culprit ditched the supercar on the side of the road and continued to the church on foot as the shmuk didn't want to show up late for his own wedding. Despite the accident, which police amazingly believe was not caused as a result of speeding, Australia's Nine News reports the groom was on time for the ceremony. All's well that ends well I guess (assuming his bride said yes of course).

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