Gotta Love that Green Chrome: BMW F10 5-Series Sedan M Sport

Russian tuners take the BMW F10 5-Series M Sport for a chrome refresh.

After seeing the photos of this BMW F10 5-Series M Sport sedan, it's hard to believe that this model came from the factory in pristine Alpine White. These photos were first picked up by Autoblog.nl and came from a tuning company located in Russia. The amazingly shiny and green effects came from a two stage program. They first wrapped the Bimmer in chrome wrap. After it was affixed, they then added a translucent green wrap giving it the finished effect.

This particular BMW 550i's M package features parts from two renowned tuning companies, Hamann and AC Schnitzer. They include a spoiler and body kit pieces. So what do you think? Would you go green in a 550i?

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