Government HATES Skylines So Much It Has Begun Crushing Them With Tanks


Talk about sending a strong message.

If you live in America, you know that there is a war going on against imported vehicles. When someone illegally imports say, an R34 Nissan Skyline into the country, the Feds come and crush it. If you want proof, there are countless videos that show perfectly good cars being destroyed. Now the government has become even more serious. US Customs and Border Protection has started to show up with tanks to seize owners' imported toys, and, if necessary, crush them into cubes.

Recently a Skyline owner emailed us to say that his illegally imported, but never driven, R34 Skyline was seized and crushed by government agents who showed up to his residence with a tank before proceeding to crush it. Unfortunately, we don't have any photos of the incident because the owner's phones were confiscated and tossed in front of the tank as well! This seems like a waste of taxpayer's dollars to send a tank out just to destroy one decade old Nissan! Although, the US government has always been a little bit silly when it comes to the laws on importing vehicles into the country, US customs actually issued a statement on their war on imported vehicles.

That message was "April Fools!" You probably thought that this story was a bit ridiculous, but unfortunately there is an element of truth to it. While the government hasn't yet resorted to showing up with tanks, we have heard stories about large groups of supposed policemen showing up to seize imported cars ranging from Skyline, to old Minis and Land Rovers. We wish that this story was 100% made up, but unfortunately the US government doesn't seem to be changing its mind on the 25-year import law.

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