GPS Device on Lexus Mistaken for Bomb as UK High Street Evacuated

Suspicious wife sparks bomb scare as GPS tracking device fitted to her husband’s car is mistaken for a bomb.

Police officers were forced to evacuate a south London high street and threw a cordon around a $64,000 Lexus SC430 after the owner mistook a GPS fitted by a private detective for a bomb. Mr. Sachiti's suspicious wife had arranged for a PI to track her husband after she became suspicious of his ambiguous work hours; little did she know they would attach a GPS tracker to his car.Dr Bianchini, said: 'I'm just so sorry it happened. It was a huge mistake and I was out of my mind.'

The size of a cigarette box, the flashing device was affixed to the fuel tank with magnets, and as soon as Mr. Sachiti spotted it, he thought it was a bomb. Due to the nature of his anti-fraud work with banks he feared hackers may have been attempting to take him out. One resident, caught up in the evacuation of a coffee shop, said: 'I was alarmed about what was happening. I was told to get off that part of the high street and to stay away from the cordon for my own safety.' A police spokesman said: 'The bomb disposal squad, London Fire Brigade and London Ambulance Service were called but cancelled shortly after'.

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