Granddad Trashes Ferrari F12 on Test Drive with Grandson

The old boy should have stuck to his Volvo.

Before passing judgment here, watch Chris Harris hoon the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta on the track. The supercar is a beast, and anyone that has serious intentions of buying one should not do so lightly. Thankfully for the driver of this wrecked exotic, he hadn’t parted with any cash and was simply test-driving the car somewhere in Holland. According to, the driver was with his grandson at the time of the crash, so we presume he was no spring chicken.

Naturally, the F12 Berlinetta was travelling at high speed before it slid off the road, flipped over and crashed into a tree. No injuries were suffered as a result, while the severely damaged car was eventually removed by a crane and taken away for analysis. Hat tip to Tamar!

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