Grandmaster Flash Was Not Happy When This Guy Gave Away His Custom Dodge Charger

The world's worst parking attendant.

When legendary Hip Hop DJ Grandmaster Flash parked his car in a New York City parking garage he definitely wasn’t expecting this to happen. The Grandmaster left his white Dodge Charger under the supervision of parking attendants at the 101 Car Park in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan for two hours. Upon returning, Flash was informed by the attendant that his vehicle was no longer in the lot and had been given away to someone else.

At first, the DJ thought the attendant might be playing a prank on him. After all, he is a celebrity, so maybe he was being punked. However, it didn’t take long for him to realize that unfortunately thiswas no joke. The attendant really had given away his car to the wrong person and hadn't even asked the thief for a parking ticket or identification. To make matters even worse, the car was loaded with three cratesfilled with priceless vintage records. Immediately after hearing the shockingnews, the DJ filed a report with the NYPD andtook to social media to vent his rightful outrage. The supervisors of the garage have so far refused to comment on the incident.

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