Granny Demonstrates Perfect Crashing Technique in a Fog

Our hearts go out to people sharing the road with the youthfully challenged. Florida we 're looking at you.

If your lead foot, F-150 driving grandma wants to drive you somewhere in heavy fog, tell her “No Way in Hell!” Unfortunately the guy in this video never got such advice. He and a car full of old fogeys, including his speeding grandmother, found out just what happens when you let this scenario play out. I guess you know you’re in for trouble when grandma is flying down a road in thick fog, wearing sunglasses and admits that she doesn’t know how to turn on the headlights and is afraid to pull over.

We are glad that no sweet old grannies got hurt, but we have to admit, the combo of Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away”, an awesome slow-mo replay and pic reel of damages at the end make this video one of the funniest we have seen in a while.

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