Great Buys at the Bonhams' December Sale

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Just in time for Christmas, a host of classic cars were sold ready to be wrapped and placed under the tree.

Both the 1953 Austin Healey 100S Prototype 'barn find' involved in the notorious 1955 Le Mans disaster and George Harrison's 1964 Aston Martin DB5 have been sold at Bonahms this week, surpassing their pre-sale estimates. The extraordinary Healey was sold for £843,000 reflecting its highly collectable nature and its potential performance once fully restored. Group Head of Bonhams' Motoring Department, James Knight, who took the sale, said: "The '100S' is, to me, the most desirable Healey of all.

To have sold an ex-works example with Special Test Car lineage and such significant racing history for such a magnificent price is a dream come true." The 1964 DB5 was sold for £271,000, a price that demonstrates just how collectible this particular model was given its excellent, very original condition and the fact it was once owned by a musical legend. Check out previous articles for more information on both these cars. Many cars were not sold, but of those that did, most notable are the 1937 Bentley All-Weather Tourer that fetched £135,700 and the 1967 Maerati Quattroporte that went for £51,000.

Bonhams' next car sale will be at Scottsdale, Arizona on 19 January, followed by a sale in Paris in February.

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