Next-Gen BMW M3 Will Keep The Manual

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And it will be rear-wheel-drive. Well, sort of.

Following the reveal of the all-new G20 generation BMW 3 Series, all eyes are turned to BMW, waiting for more details about the next-generation G80 M3. There are still many details we don't know about the upcoming M3 such as what it will look like, whether it have a more powerful competition version, and whether or not it will come with a manual transmission.

BMW already disappointed enthusiasts when it announced that the regular 3 Series wouldn't be offered with a manual in the US. Now, BMW Blog has an interesting scoop on the upcoming M3, including its potential transmission options.


For starters, BMW Blog reiterates that no official announcement has been made by BMW regarding these details, though they trust their "source's information to be 100-percent accurate." The source says the new M3 will be available with rear-wheel-drive and M xDrive all-wheel drive. We still don't know whether these will be two separate models, or more like an AWD system that can disable the front wheels like in the current M5. Although some enthusiasts may not like the idea of a heavier AWD system, it does add grip and cut the car's 0-60 mph time.

As for the transmission options, the source also said the M3 will keep its manual transmission option. It is still unknown whether the manual will be available on both RWD and AWD versions if, in fact, the two are separate models. This would mark the first time BMW has offered a manual transmission with its M xDrive AWD system.

No matter what transmission is available, power is expected to come from a new S58 engine, which will be a heavily modified version of the B58 engine in the 340i. It is expected to produce anywhere from 450 to 500 horsepower, which should pair nicely with an AWD layout. We hope this rumor turns out to be true, though we'll have to wait for official word from BMW.


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