Great Scott! The DeLorean DMC-12 Is Faster Than Ever!

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Where we're going, we don't need an underpowered PRV engine.

Though the official history books say that DeLorean went out of business in 1982, as a net result of insufficient sales, poor financial management and founder John DeLorean's tarnished reputation after being accused of drug trafficking, that isn't where the DMC story ends. In the 1990s, a British businessman bought the company rights and stock, decided to set up shop in Texas and started selling 'new original' DMC-12s. It's been an unprecedented success and, as the firm's running out of 1980s stock, DeLorean's now looking at 21st century alternative parts in order to continue DMC-12 production.

With production of the legitimately brand new DeLorean DMC-12s set to begin next year, it's of no surprise that DMC is already making strong progress in sourcing all the required pieces needed to build an all-new vehicle with 1980s origins in low volumes. For instance, the wiring will be redone, the steel chassis will be far more comprehensively weather-proofed, up-to-date suspension will be installed and the braking system will be completely overhauled for the new DeLoreans. Perhaps the biggest change that we're most excited for, though, is the adoption of a new engine and transmission setup to replace the five-speed manual and PRV V6 that, even in road tests in the 1980s, was deemed to be too gutless and weedy for a mid-engined sports car .

Exact specifics of what this new engine will be aren't known as of yet (DeLorean's currently trialing development units from two potential suppliers), but it will be a huge improvement on the 2.8-liter 130hp PRV from the original DMC-12. According to DMC, these new engines each produce more than twice the power of the PRV and at least 262 lb/ft of torque (a 100 lb/ft improvement on the 1980s engine). Understandably, DeLorean's also modifying the stock five-speed manual 'box so it can cope with this extra grunt, and the DeLorean Motor Company hopes to start testing development DMC-12s sometime in July this year. So, if you live near the DMC HQ in Humble, Texas, keep your eyes peeled for those stainless steel DMC-12 development mules.

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