Green-Tired Alfa Romeo Giulietta 6430 from Marangoni

Yes, it has green tires. Italian tire manufacturer Marangoni has teamed up with tuning house TRC Italia to create a revised version of the Giulietta 1750 Quadrifoglio Verde. The project is meant to showcase a new series of eco-friendly tires that will shortly hit the market. Renamed the Giulietta G430 iMove, it has specially fitted tires that have a fluorescent, green pigment that glows in the dark.

The compound is rich in silica content and various other materials which minimize rolling resistance, resulting in improved fuel consumption. The G430's exterior redo was inspired by the Ferrari F430 and rides on 19-inch Barracuda Karizzma wheels that are painted in contrasting black. The front bumper is also F430 inspired with its enormous air intakes channeling airflow to the brakes. The rear features a carbon fiber diffuser and lowered side skirts and a roof spoiler round off the aero package.

Power has also been increased due to a new bearing-mounted turbocharger that increases output to 286 hp, up 51 hp from the base car. The interior is a combination of leather, Alcantara, and carbon fiber. Seat and door panels are trimmed in a quilted theme that's reminiscent of Scottish golfing tradition. The car will be unveiled later this week at the Bologna Motor Show in Italy.

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