Grey Poupon: The Lost Footage

Over 30 years after the original "pardon me" Grey Poupon commercial aired, the fancy mustard brand has "unearthed" some supposedly lost footage.

Remember that 1981 classic and often-quoted Grey Poupon mustard commercial featuring those two old and rich British lads being chauffeured around in Rolls-Royces? If you’re under the age of 20 and have never seen "Wayne’s World" either, then there’s a good chance you’re somewhat lost at the moment. But for those of us who do remember, Grey Poupon just aired a so-called "lost footage" edition of that classic commercial.

Only a small portion was shown last Sunday night during the Academy Awards ceremony, but now the gourmet mustard brand has released the full version online. It’s certainly entertaining, but in a far different way than the original.

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