GRID 2: Mono Edition Comes with Car

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Codemasters releases GRID: 2 this week and with it a one-off game that comes with a BAC Mono.

At $190,000, GRID 2: Mono Edition is the world's most expensive video game, or, if you ask Guinness, the "most expensive video game commercially available – special edition." Only one will be made, and it comes with the upcoming racing game GRID: 2, a Playstation 3 and a BAC Mono sports car complete with GRID 2 livery and full racing gear. A stock BAC Mono costs $125,000, which gives buyers a road-legal carbon-fiber single-seater racer with a 280hp 2.3-liter four and a 0-60 mph time of 2.8 seconds.

Other goodies thrown in with Codemasters' one-off package includes a day at the BAC factory, a bespoke Bell Racing helmet, and made-to-measure race suit, boots and gloves. Those just interested in the game will be able to pick it up this week as it goes on sale from May 28. For our part we'd be glad to get the game and the car, but we're not sure we'd pony up the premium to get both together.

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