GT-R Hits 183 MPH on Russian Ice

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Russian team takes Nissan GT-R to frozen Lake Baikal for a high-speed run across the ice.

If you're going to go for an all-out speed record on ice, you're going to want something with all-wheel drive and a whole lot of power. So the Nissan GT-R would seem like a good choice. That's the conclusion Nissan evidently came to in Russia, where it took Godzilla to Lake Baikal for a run across the frozen surface. The result: a top speed of 183 mph. Which may be impressive, until you realize that Bentley hit 205 mph with its Continental Supersports and Audi reached 206 in the RS6.

Whether it counts as a record or not – it was run with an unmodified on a natural ice surface in a different country – it's still an impressive feat. It was undertaken with Nissan racer Roman Rusinov and journalist Andrey Leontjev alternating behind the wheel. Check out the action in the video below.

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