Nissan GT-R Owns The Quarter-Mile

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1,300 horsepower Nissan GT-R claims the Godzilla quarter-mile record.

What's a good time for the quarter mile? The McLaren 12C recently clocked it in 10.55 seconds, which is impressive for a stock car. But tuned cars are aiming to beat nine seconds. Last year, Underground Racing's twin-turbo Gallardo set the world record quarter mile time of 8.35 seconds at 181 mph. Switzer Performance's 1,500 hp Red Katana GT-R ran an 8.97 second quarter-mile at 163 mph. Those same GT-R tuning lunatics had a part to play in this latest record run set by a very stock-looking Godzilla.

The time was 8.61 seconds at 170 mph, so of course there was nothing stock about it. In fact, it had an AMS Alpha 12 turbo kit, Mickey Thompson drag radials, Switzer's Syvecs SGTR ECU package, a ShepTrans driveline, and was running on E85 with about 1,300 hp on tap. Check it out.

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