GT-R Meets the Navy's Blue Angels

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The United States Navy's Blue Angels are the best of the best. Nissan takes notes.

The Blue Angels flight squadron of the US Navy are some of the best stunt pilots in the world, so Nissan saw it fit to head out to the team's headquarters in Pensacola, Florida, to draw some inspiration for future models and technology.

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Pilot John Hiltz says that, in regards to what matters most in his aircraft, "It's all about accessing technology easily and efficiently." Blue Angels mechanic Eric Vandamme remarked that Nissan has "always been a front-runner in the 'edgy-go fast department' and what better place to come out and get better insight than an 'edgy-fast command'?" It's also worth noting that Vandamme has a passion for building hot rods. After checking out the GT-R Nissan brought out to the base, he says he would gladly trade the keys to his plane to get behind the wheel of the supercar-killer Godzilla.

Nissan hopes to take some of the cutting-edge technology and ideas learned from the famous flight team and implement them in their future cars, especially performance cars like the GT-R.

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