GT-R SpecV - More Fire From Godzilla

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Just when you thought the Nissan GT-R couldn't get any more stupid fast, well, it did. For 2010, Nissan launched the GT-R SpecV. It includes unique body panels, interior, and performance gear modifications. Nissan started with the "standard" GT-R and added a carbon fiber real spoiler, grille, and brake ducts. The only exterior color available is Ultimate Black Opal. The interior sees the removal of the small rear seat found in the base GT-R in order to help cut weight.

Driver and passenger are treated to special Recaro carbon fiber bucket seats. Nissan has enhanced performance with a high gear boost control device and added a titanium-coated exhaust system and carbon-ceramic brakes which help to give amazing stopping performance. Nissan also added lightweight forged aluminum wheels to further differentiate it from standard model. And while Nissan tagged the GT-R as an affordable supercar, the SpecV carries a base price of $170,000 - about $100,000 more than the current car.


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