Street Race

GT-R Vs. GT-R is Surprisingly Uneven

No shame in losing to the best, or at least the newest.

American fans of the Nissan GT-R will know that when the model was reintroduced in 2007, it was a big leap forward from the days when GT-R was a trim level for the Nissan Skyline. But how much of a leap forward isn’t always appreciated, as the Skyline GT-R was never sold in the US. So here we see a video of a 2014 going up against an R33 (the generation built from 1995 to 1998) GT-R with an unknown set of modifications on the street.

The result might be a bit upsetting for those Americans who previously had a view of the JDM Skyline GT-R as being some sort of mythical beast, incapable of being outrun by anything. If it does have to lose, however, at least it’s to another GT-R.

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