GT Speed: Old Money Brand Emerges

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Not long ago, Bentley was known as an old school, old money, old man's brand. Well, maybe not only for the elderly, but it appealed to those who lived in a world of family-inherited traditional wealth. That's almost entirely in the past. Bentley, while still catering to its base following, has been carving out a new path for itself in recent years as a builder of high-performing luxury machines. In the case of the Continental GT Speed, it speaks a language the older generation simply doesn't understand.

The interior may resemble bits and pieces of traditional Bentley flare, but under the hood is different story entirely. Say what you want, but the Speed GT is an engineering marvel with entirely reworked steering and front suspension system. With a new Continental GT on the way, the GT Speed is the clearest indication yet that Bentley fully intends to shed its old image.

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