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GT Supersports Proves Bentley’s Potential

With Bentley now capable of building a car that can match similar numbers to the Lamborghini Gallardo, who knows what's next for the automaker in terms of new performance standards. By further enhancing the twin-turbo W-12 engine, Bentley is proving it can build not just luxurious cars for which it has long been known. It's also building cars that can prove themselves on the racetrack against the world's finest.

It's no coincidence that Volkswagen Group has been incorporating its own brand of high performance engineering into Bentley, as it seeks to undermine the brand's previous owners: across town Bavarian rival BMW. Bentley previous used BMW engines, but now that VW is fully in charge, they are out to prove they can take the brand to a whole new level that BMW failed to achieve. By the looks of things, the GT Supersports is the proof.

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