GTA 5 Gamers Reenact Terminator 2 Chase Scene

Video Game

Iconic chase scene recreated using iconic video game.

They might have a little too much time on their hands, but the guys that recreated the truck chase scene from Terminator 2 using the latest GTA game are awesome. The original scene from the hit sequel sees John Conner on a dirt bike try and outrun the T-1000 in a semi-truck. The relentless liquid-metal robot follows the annoying teenager along the Los Angeles river, and just as he’s about to stomp the shit out of him, Arnie turns up to save the day.

Obviously not all the visuals and dramatic camera angles could be copied, but it’s a sterling effort nonetheless. And just like any good movie, stick around for the blooper reel after the credits to get an idea of how challenging this was to pull off.

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Stay with it until the end, as the last part of the video is filled with bloopers, the inevitable consequence of putting together this aimless recreation. Here's the original for comparison.